Titanfall 2: Campaign Features Hints of Firewatch, Halo and Mirror’s Edge

Titanfall 2 Game

Titanfall 2: Campaign Features Hints of Firewatch, Halo and Mirror’s Edge

The upcoming Titanfall 2 had an unsteady summer as its multiplayer beta version was evaluated with different reactions and left all the game fans with a few constant worries. However, the single-player campaign of the game seemed to be quite promising, even though we only had a little space to get our opinion about it. This autumn seems to be a better season for Titanfall 2, the upcoming shooter sequel from Respawn Entertainment. Recently, we had an opportunity to take a deeper look at a far more finalized version of multiplayer campaign and that helped us to get a better picture of the game.

Not like the original Titanfall’s narrative-filled multiplayer mode, Titanfall 2 campaign is more truly and devoted single-player mode made in the same tradition as well-known blockbusters such as Call of Duty and Halo. Titanfall 2 developers chooses reliable format where players can develop through a series of story pieces. Moreover, this format also leaves plenty of space for massive mech fight, established sci-fi lore and highly-mobile shooting that are awaited by most of the Titanfall 2 game fans.

Even though Respawn Entertainment declares that you don’t need to know the narrative of its predecessor Titanfall, the story line of the upcoming Titanfall 2 is based on the current universe in the game. The plot of the game is quite simple: a militia of colonists succeeded to win a small battle against the greedy Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation but the battle for the Frontier is still intense.

Titanfall 2 focuses on the story of one main character – Rifleman Jack Cooper. He is an eager Pilot that is left abandoned on a mystical planet named Typhon full of IMC movement. With the help of his mentor, Jack Cooper starts cooperating with the current Pilot-less Titan BT-7274. Unluckily, mentor dies and this mission becomes a complete puzzle, even to BT so the player simply have to go for one objective at a time until all that secret puzzle unfolds in Titanfall 2.

The opening of the Titanfall 2 seems quite melodramatic as the Cooper’s mentor dies in his arms in just five minutes but later things get more dynamic as Cooper and BT starts to cooperate. BT, the Titan, is an adjusting AI with a personality that resembles Loaderbot and Cortana of Tales from the Borderlands fame. While Jack Cooper, the Pilot, seems to be a nervous soldier with his eyes wide open but later he starts feeling way much better in his role as a Pilot.

Titan and his Pilot stays together throughout the Titanfall 2: they are either fighting together or they are talking to each other and that is quite funny. It is quite interesting that you can select between many different dialogue options but as Respawn commented, these will not affect the overall story line. Chatting with BT would rather help you to form your relationship, just like in Firewatch.
Essential mechanics of Titanfall 2 is really impressive. While trying demo version of the game we had an opportunity not only to do the wall-running but also experience different set of environments: from green jungle to a futuristic manufacturing factory.

We even had to do some of the puzzles that test your ability to perform, just like in Mirror’s Edge newest version. For example, we had to show our jumping skills through the pipes abilities or leap at a moving wall in the demo version of Titanfall 2. And we have to admit, that was really a breath taking and adventurous experience.

As Respawn included a fast-paced Vanquish-like knee slide, traversal now works together with combat. This knee sliding is good at both situations: while you are moving through battlefields and also when you are shooting on the go. This highly mobile movement style in Titanfall 2 is really exciting as we loved changing environments and how we can use it for a more diverse playing tactics.

Certainly, players will have more options to choose while playing Titanfall 2 as there is no cover system. There is a cloaking function that lets you stealth your way through some sections if you wish in a multiplayer mode. Although, Respawn Entertainment declares that while the other multiplayer functions may repeatedly pop up, cloaking will remain the standard option throughout the Titanfall 2 game. The campaign also includes some story-driver face-offs with the group of Titans that killed Cooper’s mentor at the beginning of the game.

While playing in multiplayer mode, you will be equipped with two primary weapons: a sidearm and a single grenade-type at most. Moreover, you will be able to find other weapons as you go through the game. We have to admit that shooting and using other types of weapons proved to be really satisfying and smooth in Titanfall 2.

AI that is used for enemies in Titanfall 2 seemed to be complex enough but also not too much all-knowing. For example, if you jump over a building and get out of sight, the enemies will lose track on you so you can camouflage and hit them. This is quite an important option as we all know that enemies in Titanfall have plenty of health – some of them could even cope with a couple of bullets in their heads.

What is really grateful, you will have your own Titan in the game and BT seems to be even better fighter than chatter in Titanfall 2. Players can exit BT at any time of the game but it is up to you – if you wish, you can stay there for the most of the time.

While playing demo version of Titanfall 2 we encountered an android called Ash who piloted the Titan named Ronin. The battle with that android seemed like an epic ending as during our mission we encountered her continuously.

Doesn’t matter how all of the battles in Titanfall 2 will end, each of them will end, you will get a new weapon for BT after that. Finally, BT will have all of the six Titan models featured in multiplayer and two extra (Expedition and Brute). Primary weapon of Expedition is a standard assault rifle while Brute’s primary weapon is a quad-rocket launcher (returning players of Titanfall probably know it). Other abilities of Brute and Expedition are taken from other Titan models so you will have more options while changing weapon set on the go.

As Respawn Entertainment states, Titanfall 2’s multiplayer campaign is made of: 50% Pilot combat, 25% Pilot traversal and 25% of Titan combat or other gameplay. All in all, the demo version of the game seemed to have every element that we expected and love about the Titanfall games. As it is quite early to evaluate whether or not this campaign will be a great success, let’s just wait and see what happens next. Titanfall 2 is expected to be released on October 28 so we will not have to wait for a very long time.

Are you a real titan? Then Titanfall 2 is something exactly for you. It’s a game about the fighting and taking part in battles – so every warrior should try it. Titanfall 2 Game is developed for those who can’t live without action and needs adrenalin. Once you step into the game, its world and surrounding get you involved instantly. It’s amazing how well it is made and can adapt to different players need, wishes and requirements. You simply must check, if it’s true!

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