Titanfall 2 Release Date


Titanfall have reached an impressive number of 10 million users so the interest around the upcoming addition to the game, Titanfall 2, is building up quickly. To tell the truth, Titanfall 2 looks really appealing. So here is the right place to look for all the newest information and rumors regarding Titanfall 2 release date, platforms and upcoming game features.

Titanfall 2: Release Date for UK is Already Known

As we are all curious to know when Titanfall 2 will be released, it is already known when the game will be available for UK users. The date was announced by EA’s CFO Blake Jorgensen who always said that Titanfall 2 will be released within 3 weeks of Battlefield 1 that is planned to be released on 21 October. “We’ve always gone head-to-head with Call of Duty [expected on 4 November], and so we’re not uncomfortable with that, and essentially we’re kinda coming from both sides now in the quarter. So we’re pretty excited about it.”

Biggest Titanfall 2 fans already know that just before the E3 2016 event, a trailer of the game leaked via live stream test. It presented a lot of new details about the upcoming game that were kept as secret. For example, a glance at the single player story mode and what we are mostly excited about – the release date of Titanfall 2. The game is expected to be released on 28 November 2016. This date was also approved by EA team during the EA Play press conference. During this event game fans also had an opportunity to see another Titanfall 2 trailer where online capabilities were presented.